Transform your life & business

12 Week Virtual Bootcamp 

Online mentoring programme like no other - Kicks off Jan 2022

Reach your goals - without the struggle, stress, wasted time and money in the wrong places. Get results faster and grab all my proven secrets for success.  

In this program you will: 

  • Gain clarity around what has been holding you back or keeping you stuck
  • Learn what you need to change and WHY
  • Get the tools and strategies needed that get results
  • Have a proven method that is easy to follow
  • Get support and accountablity to keep you on track
  • Meet a group of likeminded individuals to connect with & hold you accountable

 This program is designed to help you improve your life, gain clarity and direction to finally reach your goals. Stop wasting time and money on the wrong things and finally get results without all the struggle. (more actions in the right places = more freedom, time and $$$ in the bank!)

Here's what you'll learn!

Stop Spinning Your Wheels & Start Creating Massive Momentum.

  • Overview & introduction We will get to know each other, the group and learn your goals for the program. We will spend time unlocking your true goals identify what has been keeping you stuck and how to move forward. I will share some tools and habits to get your started and motivated. 
  • Review & reflect on the past year Audit time - We will spend time looking back and discussing the past year and what was achieved or not achieved. What your goals were and what were the roadblocks or obstacles in your way stopping you from thriving.
  • Mindset & high performance habits A strong mindset is a key difference from achieving extraordinary results. In this session, I'll share specific strategies and routines to strengthen your mindset and improve your state. Strategies & tactics alone are not garanteed to get your results without the mindset work. 
  • Goal setting & defining your direction The biggest reason most businesses struggle? They don’t have a strategic plan. We will establish clear goals and outcomes that your looking for. Through this process, you’ll align your BIG goals with your desired lifestyle, then engineer the business strategy to reach them.  
  • Create a plan for growth Now you have the goals in place, we will spend time building your growth plan. Similar to a business marketing plan, this will pull together all my knowledge with clear direction as to WHO is your target audiance, WHAT is your point of difference and WHAT needs to happen, and HOW you can achieve results.
  • Consistency It’s not what you do once in a while that generates results. it’s the consistent habits you create and what you do each and every week that moves you forward. Together, we’ll break down your big goals into focused weekly action steps. Building regular habits that create massive productivity and set you up for success. 
  • Money & Profit A lot of clients I see struggle with cashflow management and active forcasting - both personally and in business. Greater outgoings than in-comings leads to unnecessary stress and friction - struggle street! Research shows us that 90% of small businesses close their doors because of poor cash flow management. I'll share how to minimise operating costs, expenses and effective financial forecasting using the profit-first model. 
  • Optimise Operations - Systems & Processes To have more freedom and time for what's most important to you, we discuss boundries and operations. Specifically we focus on the key areas that really make the difference, how we can get you back more time while consistently delivering in other areas of your business and life. The right systems and processes can free up time, save you money and gets results. 
  • Sales & Marketing If your business isn't where you want to be, chances are your sales and marketing needs work. Sales and marketing are the life blood of a business, without effective marketing your a best kept secret, without sales, you have no customers and no cashflow. We will focus on 'The People, Product, Price, Leads' (Yes, I'm giving away all my secrets!)  
  • WORKBOOK & TOOLS: During the program you will have access to all my valuable tools and templates packed with all the tips and worksheets delivered to fast track your progress! (everything you need, nothing you dont'!)
Get ME in the group!

 Those With A Clear Plan Of Action - Are 2x More Likely To Grow. With this in place, You’ll Finally…

Simple Action Plans

Have the tools + strategies to get results, & know exactly what steps to take to move forward.

High Performance Framework

With a consistent plan, accountablity & support you will have more time, freedom & fun - for what's important

Grow Your Revenue

Clarity on what drives results in your business/life – so you can create more consistent cashflow.

About You

This program has been designed specifcally for those looking to reach a higher level in life and business. If you're...

  • Struggling to get the results & tired of working so hard to get ahead
  • Feeling stuck and lack focus and direction
  • Capable of more and are willing to do the work
  • Looking to finally get your time and freedom back (More $$$ wouldn't hurt either!!!)

You're a new start up or established owner/ entrepreneur. A side-hustler dreaming of giving up your day job or an inflencer, or celebrity looking to find your passion again through identifing your true purpose. We may all be at different levels, but this program is designed to meet you where you are, and help you fly!

If your looking for growth in some area of your life and business this program is the 'reset' you've been waiting for. 

Focus in the right places

Clairty on the direction, with proven methods that get results. 

We help you to reach your goals faster, with proven methods that get results.


Ideation & Refinement

Game Plan & Execution

This is for you if: 

  • Your looking for a change in your business or life
  • You have a product to sell or service to offer
  • You are an established owner, looking for sustainable growth 
  • You're new to the game, have an idea, or still in the early stages of launching
  • Your looking for support & accountablity to keep you on track
  • You are ready to invest in yourself & commit the time & energy required and do the work
  • You want connection with like minded individuals

About Melissa


With over 16 years experience, I've helped 100's of business owners and individuals with strategies, guidance and support, which has meant they have dramatically improved their results to grow and optimise their business - all while grow their bottom line! I know what it takes to get results. 

I'm driven to add value where it counts and make a difference by sharing my proven strategies from nearly two decades of experience. My style of coaching is to empower others to be their best self, and gain alignment in their life and business. I've skinned my knees and got back up, only to hit it out the park and you can too. Life should be fun - lets enjoy the ride together! 

  • Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner 
  • 16+ years experience in business + 2 Companies
  • My personality type: Myers Briggs ENTJ 

"Melissa has a unique ability to connect & understand exactly where you are at and provide REAL solutions - that work"

This is not for everyone... 

This program is only right for those people who:

  • Are ready to make a change and commited to do the work
  • Willing to invest in yourself 
  • Will be open minded and coachable

If this sounds like you.... 

But don't just take our word. Here are what our clients had to say...

Crystal Donak Crystal Donak Consulting

I would highly recommend Melissa Harris and her team for help in your business. She helped me work though how I was going to pitch a potential client as I was struggling with the right order to offer my services and what to offer.  

She gave me recommendations, which I followed. Within a few days I had signed three new clients using her methodology! If you are thinking of using her for marketing strategy or to help your coaching and consulting business, don’t hesitate, she is the real deal.

Tilly Commener Bloody Good Creative

Melissa has not only practical experience but an intuitive sense of how to get to the heart of my issue. She listened and then created tailored, efficient and effective steps to help me see results in my business fast! The resources and coaching notes are fantastic and gave me a clear plan for each week so that my progress has been maximised and goals are being achieved. Melissa inspires, motivates and creates strategies that HAVE moved my business to the next level. I can't recommend her enough. 

Kate Langford Kate Langford Career Coaching 

"I have never had a business coach that was able to give me clear and direct advice without the fluff. Melissa was able to understand my business and had the most amazing ideas, offer creations and value within a short space of time. She has expertise and knowledge to be able to pin point the gaps and have my business making DOUBLE within a few months.  

I highly recommend Melissa to anyone who wants to grow their business fast who is also willing to learn and change, in the process. Thanks Melissa for all your help!"  

Di Foster Coach & Inspirational Speaker

"Melissa has a straight-up manner, so you get to the gold FAST. From our very first meeting Melissa got me and she wasted no time in holding up the mirror.  

Wow, it was a bit confronting however the insights + strategy I got from working with her, I’m not sure I could have got with anyone else."  

Kristin Harper Harper Consultancy & Sales Expert

Melissa Harris is one of the only marketers that I’ve worked with over the years that actually delivers on her promises in addition to creating massive value to help me grow my business. I found working with Melissa of great value, had action steps after every meeting & she always kept me accountable. She approaches every business on its own merits & will tailor her approach to suit whoever she is working with to get results. Melissa is a leader in her field of expertise & I would not hesitate in recommending her to help grow your business. 

Sarah Upside Downs 

“Melissa has been an enormous help to our charity. She has volunteered her time and considerable expertise to a number of our marketing queries and concerns. 

She is always prompt in her responses, and offers genuinely useful advice every time.”

About The Ideas Centre

Founded in 2016, The Ideas Centre works with business owners, entrepreneurs, Start-up ventures and service based businesses looking to grow and scale their business past six figures, to multi six or seven figures or more! 

You may be a new start up or established owner/ entrepreneur. A side-hustler dreaming of giving up your day job or your looking to find your passion for work again. If you're struggling in some area of your life and business this programme is the 'reset' you've been waiting for. 

Our clients have a desire to grow a profitable and sustainable business while also having the time and freedom for the things that matter.